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What to Put in your Backpack for Disney

We spent multiple days in the parks and by the end we had it down to a science on what we actually needed to have and what wasn’t necessary to carry around. Here are the 10 things I think you should have in your backpack for Disney.

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10 things for your Disney Back Pack

What to pack in your backpack for Disney

1.     Start with a good, and comfy backpack. We had the LeSportsac Voyager backpack. I loved how big it was and that it had outside side pockets. We also loved the bright orange making it easy to find our stroller. It was soft fabric for when we would wear it and it was easy for security to search. Also, they have some great patterns (event Disney ones). It’s a great investment.
2.     Small wallet. If you have the Magic Band and linked up your credit card to you you’ll only need ID, insurance card (you never know) and maybe $20 so a small wallet/wristlet is all you need.
3.     Phone- You’ll want your cell phone. You’ll take pictures with it, but I strongly suggest you get the Memory Maker. It’s a cost, but the photos you get will be awesome and you don’t have to have carry an extra camera.
4.     Snacks- Don’t go crazy. We found that 2 snacks per kid was perfect. GoGo Squeez, and a box of craisens and crackers did the trick. You’ll buy treats and get food in the park. Don’t weigh your bag down with 4 different snacks for each kid.
5.     Sun block– We would sun block up at our hotel but keep a small bottle in the bag to easily reapply as we went
6.     Reusable Water Bottle– We kept a reusable water bottle (in a plastic baggie) on the outside and would get ice water through out the park. Just ask they are great about keeping you hydrated.
7.     Emergency Kit- I had a small little kit with Advil, band aids, Neosporin, Tide to Go pen, and some cough drops.
8.     Spare Phone Charger & Battery Pack– I have a little wristlet that I keep with a spare phone plug, cord and charger pack. You’ll go through battery so recharge during quiet moments or meals.
9.     Gum/Tic-Tacs- We love to keep a breath freshener in the bag, and Tic-Tacs are a great way to give the kids a little treat while waiting in line.
10. Poncho– I picked up 4 ponchos from the Dollar tree prior to the trip, and checked the weather forecast each day. If it looked like any rain at all I would throw them in so we were ready.

Now I have this bag geared for a family with toddlers, but didn’t include diaper and wipes because those are a separate container for me. Overall this gives a pretty good idea for what anyone who will be visiting the happiest place on earth would need.

Did I miss anything? What else do you think is important to include in your backpack for Disney?

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Disclaimer: I was given some items for review, but a majority of things I purchased myself.  As always all opinions are my own.

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