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Before you know the kids are already hitting 100 days of school and it’s time to make a 100 days shirt. Why not make this 100 sweet days shirt.

The 100th day of school is one of my favorites. We’ve made 100 Super Days shirt, 100 T-riffic days shirt, and a 100 Magical Days shirt. Now it’s time to share the 100 Sweet days shirt!

100 Sweet Days of school shirt

100 Sweet days shirt for the 100th day of school with Cricut #CricutMadeWhat kid doesn’t love sweets and cupcakes. They seem to always be celebrating a birthday or holiday so this shirt makes sense for the 100th day of school

100th day of school shirt supplies

Iron on vinyl (glitter, lite, metallic)
Easy Press Mat

 How to make a 100th day of school shirt

100 sweet days shirt for the 100th day of school #CricutMade

1. Figure out your sweet idea. We went with cupcakes, but you could also do ice cream, donuts, sprinkles or candy. Lots of options with this theme.

2. Add 100 items in Cricut Design space. We decided to do 20 of each color, so we needed 5 different colors.

3. Size- Keep in mind you’re cutting 100 and the shirt is probably a child’s small or medium so make each item a little smaller than an inch by inch.

4. When ready to cut make sure you select the right material. Mirror the image and place the vinyl shiny side down.

5. Once you’ve cut and weeded your images have the child place them all over the shirt.

100 sweet days shirt with Cricut EasyPress26. Use an EasyPress2 to add the images. It’s quick and easy and you’ll find the child can help do this. (Just remember to give them a safety lesson on it being hot 1st)

100th day of school shirt

It’s so much fun to work with your child to make this special 100th day shirt. They love showing it off and wearing it proudly.

100 sweet days shirt idea for the 100th day of school #CricutMadeDo you have a fun 100th day is school shirt idea?

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