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Yesterday we closed on our 1st house and when we walked through the door and said we’re home we felt it.  We knew this is where we would grow as a family and we will have some amazing memories there,but what took me by surprise was what we saw sitting on top of the fireplace. 

We walked in to a bottle of champagne, a note and box of cat food.  The previous owners left us a welcome letter and gift. 

The first line of the note said “Welcome Home!” and that they have some fond memories in the house and they know we will too.  They also went on to tell us about some idiosyncrasies of the house. 

They left some very useful house maintenance notes, with some local contact people for locks, cleaning, and other things.  They also told us some tips about the heat and they left all the a/c units!!  They also left us tools to start a garden and gave us the tip that we can’t fit a queen sized box spring up the stairs (this just saved us some major time/energy).  We also learned that she adopted a feral cat, who is a free spirit, but she would feed. 

Overall is was a wonderful and useful thing to walk in to.  When you purchase an older home you understand that others have lived in it and by receiving this kind gesture I can feel that the house is already filled with love and memories, and we can’t wait to fill it with even more.  So if your selling your house take a moment and give some useful advice about the heater or the fun activities in the area and write a quick welcome note, because this gesture goes a long way and truly will make the new family feel welcome in their new home. 

Sharing is caring!