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Oh bubble gum. I’ve always been a fan and remember getting Bazooka Joe as a kid with a little cartoon. So I made a Bazooka Joe costume DIY based on the bubble gum I adore and to go along with my Retro Candy Costumes!

Bazooka Joe Costume DIYTo start my son loves getting a piece of bubble gum as a treat. Its not only candy but it’s also got a little riddle or joke with it now so it’s fun to open and figure out the puzzle or joke.

Bazooka Joe Costume

Costume supplies:
White shirt
Blue and Red iron on letters or iron on vinyl
Blue baseball cap
Black eye patch
Blue jeans
Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum

It was really easy to make. I just cut the letters with my Cricut in alternating blue and red and ironed them on with my Easy Press 2. If you don’t have a Cricut you can buy the iron on letters easily. Then just add the hat, eye patch and jeans which are rolled on the bottom, and you’re set.

Bazooka Joe Bubble GumA quick and easy costume that will work for all ages and have people saying that’s clever. I also added a little pink balloon to give it the feel like he was blowing a bubble. My little guy loved dressing up and being the tough guy Bazooka Joe.

Mary Jane & Bazooka Joe CostumesThis also makes a great couples costume or if you have a sister this can make a great sibling costume of Bazooka Joe and Mary Jane. A great little retro candy theme!

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