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When you hear the word Beetlejuice you don’t usually associate Broadway but I can say that Beetlejuice on Broadway makes a deathly combination of trickery and fun.

Beetlejuice on BroadwayI’ve noticed that show are started to set the mood the moment you step into the theater and that’s no different with Beetlejuice. The vibe is dark and anticipation of what will be revealed from behind the curtain is high.

Beetlejuice on Broadway

The show begins with a flash and it’s immediately known that this show is about death. Yes that’s right, death, but in a Beetlejuice upbeat vibe with stripes, lights and some amazing sets and costumes.

Broadway BeetlejuiceWhat really works about this show is the fact that they have made it relevant to life and society today while keeping the important parts of the film and making it work with music.

The music is WOW, I personally can’t wait to get the soundtrack and really listen to the lyrics and catch all the brilliance. I noticed there wasn’t a song list in the program, and really enjoyed that I didn’t know what was coming, but spoiler there are 2 songs that go hand and hand with the movie and show. They are both there, and amazing!

Overall this is a show with an amazing cast and creative team. I also have to admit that Leslie Kritzer stole the show for me and plays double duty in the comedy factor.

Is Beetlejuice on Broadway for kids?

I appreciate a show I can take my kids to see but I’m going to be honest this isn’t a show geared toward young kids. They actually recommend for ages 10 and up and there is some explicit language and some creepy moments that can scare a child, but a perfect show to see with your tween or teen!

Behind the Scenes Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Set DesignAfter the show we had an opportunity to chat with some of the performers. I always love finding out what part they enjoy doing the most, or learning about the creative process. There’s some serious theater magic with this show, and even I found myself saying “how did they do that?”

One of the things they shared was how the costumes were created by William Ivey Long. He was attempting to get Tim Burton’s wrist so would take paper and trace Burton’s work a few sheets at a time then would take out a clean piece of paper and sketch a costume idea. This allowed his wrist to draw in a Burton style, that was still his own.

Beetlejuice Tickets

This is an 8 time Tony nominated show, including Best Musical, so I recommend that your grab your tickets now! Prices range from $59-$179 (include a $2 facility fee).  I always say experiences are the best gifts you can give. You’ll walk away with some great memories and singing the songs!




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