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If you own a Nintendo Switch than the New Horizons Animal Crossing game is probably one that you’re familiar with. One of the characters we discovered early on was Blathers the Owl and I knew I needed to make a Blathers costume. 

Blathers Costume from Animal Crossing

When it comes to costumes you know I love a good sweatshirt costume, it’s not only comfy but warm and easy to wear. I’ve also got a Toothless, Care Bear, and Squirtle if you’re looking for other ideas. 

Blathers sweatshirt DIY

How to make a Blathers costume

I decided to make this costume using my Cricut as I knew that I could design it and apply it easily with iron-on vinyl. If you don’t have a Cricut you can still make this using felt, or foamcore. 

Supplies needed:
Brown sweatshirt
yellow leggings
Iron on vinyl (white, gold, green, yellow, pink, black)
Cricut (Maker or Explore Air 2)
EasyPress 2 and/or an EasyPress Mini
EasyPress Mat

To make this I used Cricut Design Space. You can find the here: Blathers Costume
When cutting the Iron on vinyl it’s important to remember to place it face down on the mat and don’t forget to mirror the image. 
After you cut out the different pieces and weed them you’ll want to warm up the Cricut EasyPress 2. Don’t forget to check out my Free Printable for Cricut EasyPress 2 settings. 
I love that I have the the 12×10 EasyPress 2 for big projects and the EasyPress Mini for little ones. I used both on this as I had both big and small to accomplish. 

Blathers sweatshirt with CricutI started off with the chest and Ironed on the white 1st. Then added the gold, and then topped it off with the green bow. Remember you can layer up to 3 layers of Iron on vinyl. 
Cricut EasyPress MiniOnce I had the chest finished I moved on to the hood. This is where a lot pieces came into play. I think ironing on the beak 1st, then adding the white eyes, pink cheeks is the way to go. Then it’s time to add those black eyes and gold dots. 
To finish off the look I wanted to make the wings so I used white vinyl and added that with the EasyPress Mini.

DIY Blathers costume

Blathers Costume

I’m so happy with how this turned out. With the yellow leggings it’s an easy costume to pull together, but you can also wear this well after Halloween. While you earn those bells, collect fossils, fish, and work to build those DIYs!

Animal Crossing Blathers CostumeTell me are you a fan of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing?  

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