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The holidays means extra time with family and friends, and one of the things we enjoy is putting together a Christmas Candy Charcuterie for a movie and/or game night. 

While I love to host a gathering, I’m also totally down for some quality family time, I actually pulled together 25+ Christmas ideas to do at Home. Of course there’s a lot of options for tasty treats to add to a Christmas Candy charcuterie board. I like to think about my families favorites and focus on special treats that we don’t normally get. 

Christmas Candy Charcuterie Tray

I pull together a little bit of sweet and savory. There are so many great holiday items, between pretzels, Oreos, and red and green candy and sweets, plus I like to throw in some of those chocolate coins. The possibilities are endless and there’s room to make different boards all throughout the month.

Christmas Candy Charcuterie

How to make a Christmas Candy Charcuterie 

Something to remember is there’s no wrong way to make a candy charcuterie board, but I find having small cups or containers does help with keeping things a little easier to grab. It’s also fun to keep with a theme we tried to make little trees out of the donuts and cookies, but otherwise we just opened the bags and poured out the goodies. 

Place it down on the table and snack away. We’ll be watching our favorite Christmas movies, and playing some holiday games. 

Do you have a favorite treat, movie or game you enjoy at the holidays? 

DIY Christmas Candy CharcuterieDon’t forget to check out some of my other holiday traditions: The Peppermint Pig, Lemon Peppermint Sippers, Saran Wrap Game, The Legend of the Christmas Spider and more! 

Charcuterie Board Ideas

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