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Looking for a kid friendly Valentine drink or treat? This Cupid Slushie is one that all ages can enjoy. 

Love is in the air and it’s also a time for sweet treats and fun memories. I’m a big fan of slushies. I made my Apple Cider Slushie in the fall and my Snow Cream is kind of like a slushie, but I wanted to come up with something special for Valentine’s day so I created a Cupid Slushie as a fun Valentine drink for any age.

Cupid Slushies

Kid Friendly Valentine’s Drinks

I love making things that are easy and the kids can help me with. This is only 2 ingredients: Cherry 7up and Vanilla Ice Cream and little hands love helping to make it. You’ll need to do a little prep so try to plan ahead the day before so you can ensure your ready, but otherwise it’s a simple to make.

Cupid Slushie suppliesStep 1: Take the Cherry 7up and fill an ice cube tray and freeze
Step 2: Once frozen add some cubes to a blender (I love my Ninja for this) with a little more Cherry 7up
Step 3: Blend together making a slushie mixture
Step 4: Put in a glass and add a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on top
Step 5: Garnish with cherries and enjoy with a spoon!

Cupid Slushie

Valentine Slushie

This is so tasty, we all loved it and while the weather is cold this is a nice change from all the hot chocolate we’ve been drinking! Do you like to make special treats for your Valentines?

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