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Sometimes travel isn’t able to happen they way we want it to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the idea of travel at home. I’m sharing how you can go on a Disney Cruise at home and make a vacation of memories while you wait to board your next Disney Cruise ship. 

Disney Cruise at HomeAt the time of coming up with this idea, the Disney Cruise and Parks are closed and we were looking for a way to bring a little joy, magic and fun to our weekend. That’s when I decided we should go on a Disney Cruise without leaving our house, and using things we have. 

Disney Cruise at home Navigator

Disney Cruise at Home 

To start I knew I wanted to make our own Navigator sheet so we could plan out the days. I knew having our day planned would help in having things to look forward to and keep the excitement alive. You can download this Disney Cruise Navigator for FREE! I decided to laminate ours and then would use dry erase markers to write in the daily activities and fun. 

Disney Cruise at Home ideas

Disney Cruise at Home Activities

Coming up with a list of activities to recreate the feel of a cruise was a lot of fun. We’ve been on 2 Disney cruises so I thought about the things we did and pulled together a list of what I knew we could recreate at home. 

  • Sail Away Party -We used videos on Youtube
  • Fish Extender – We’ve participated in fish extenders before so we just used ours and I pulled together small things around the house for the gifts. I’ve got more info on how to make a fish extender and fish extender gift ideas.
  • Decorate your door – We used magnets from previous cruises on our fridge
  • Family Disney Karaoke – Use Disney+ Family Sing-a-long or turn on some tunes
  • Disney, Marvel or Star Wars Movies – Each night we would pick a movie from Disney+ to watch
  • Family Dance Party
  • Disney Trivia – We used a game we already had with Disney questions. I also have a free printable Disney Trivia!
  • Character Photos – I used stuffed animals we had of Mickey and Minnie, but you can do any character, and scatter them throughout the cruise
  • Pool Time – If you’ve got access to a sprinkler or blow up pool why not claim it’s pool time
  • Puzzles – Work together on a Disney puzzle
  • Pin trading – every Disney Cruise has a pin trading night with the staff. If you pin trade this is a fun activity
  • Comedy Club – we each told jokes from a Joke book
  • Disney Drawing – There are some great videos on learning how to draw Disney characters. Have your own mini lesson.
  • Pirate Night – We found our pirate headbands, and pulled up a video to watch of Pirate Night on the cruise so we could watch the fireworks at sea!
  • Excursions – We pretended to get off the boat and go for a bike ride, but you can also go for a hike or walk
  • Star Wars Day or Marvel Day – You can plan a day around these themes from movies to trivia you’ve got a lot of options on things to do. We love our Star Wars Day at Sea

Disney Cruise at Home food ideas

Disney Cruise at home Food

When is comes to food we kept it simple. I mean we’re on a cruise and don’t want to do dishes, but you can still have fun and make menus that you enjoy.  We did tell the kids we were going to Palo, and had lunch by the “adult pool” while they went to the “kids club” (basement). We planned a drink of the day, and made a point to make some desserts together, like Mickey rice krispies, or dole whips, or churros. There’s also options you can get for at home like Mickey waffles, ice cream bars, ice cream and more from the grocery store.

Overall our Disney Cruise at home was such a fun way to bring a little magic to our weekend. It’s great because you can pick the length of your cruise. Ours was a 3 day and gave us excitement about cruising on Disney again in the future. 

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise? 

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