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I’ve been keeping a secret from my kids, one that I’ve been dying to tell them, but wanted to do in a special way. I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Land and Sea! So of course I’m bringing the family with me and I decided to do a different Disney reveal to let them know we’re going to Disney World and on the Disney Cruise Ship, the Wonder.

Disney Reveal Saran Wrap and SurprisesThe last time we went I did a Disney Toddler Reveal, and it was very exciting since this was their 1st Disney World experience. This time I wanted to switch it up a bit and tell them in a fun and creative way. I thought about doing a scavenger hunt, or having the cruise line call and tell them, or even waiting till we got to the airport, but who am I kidding I can’t wait and I have some serious Disney crafting happening around the house so I needed to tell them.

I decided to turn the saran-wrap game into a reveal. If you’re unfamiliar with the game it’s pretty simple. You collect different items and wrap them all up in saran wrap and make a ball. The center is usually the big prize. Then you roll a die and unwrap the package whatever falls out you keep. It’s great for all ages and really lots of fun. I decided to put items that represent Disney in mine, with the center being the reveal.

Disney Reveal Idea

Here’s what I included:
Star Wars themed jelly beans (Target $1 spot)
Disney Pins for Pin trading
Eye Patch (Pirate Night on the Cruise)
LEGO boat (we make this with pieces we had on hand)
Magic Bands

Here’s some other ideas I had to include (socks, Disney chapstick or nail polish, Stickers, pens or pencils, travel game, tic-tacs, bandaids, Disney Gift Card) really it depends on how quick you want them to figure it out, or if they’re like my kids they might just skip right over the clues!

We also decided to film the kids, and while the reaction wasn’t what I expected they have been talking about this trip non-stop since we told them. They get more excited each day and I know that they will look back on this video and these memories and realize just how lucky they are.

Have you done a Disney Reveal before?



Sharing is caring!