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When you decide to take your family on a big vacation taking pictures to capture the memories and fun is key. When you go to Disneyland they have a service to help record those magical memories and it’s called Photo Pass.

Disneyland PhotoPass TipsIf you’ve been to Disney World you’re probably thinking isn’t it called Memory Maker? Well it’s a little different (see what I think of Memory Maker). Memory Maker is a flat fee of $179 (if you book early) for your trip and works with your magic bands. Photo Pass is a per day service ($39.99) and you don’t have to purchase it before your trip. In fact you can wait and see all the photos from your day and decide if you want it or not.

Photo Pass Carsland 2016I knew going into my trip that we were only going to have 1 day in the park, so I purchased it in advance, because I knew I would put it to use more and I didn’t want to have to worry about taking photos with my phone.

Photo Pass Code as Phone WallpaperSince it’s run through the Disneyland App it’s easy to see the photos throughout the day. The app also has your scan code on it, and my tip for you on this one to save battery on your phone is to take a screen shot of the code and make it your wallpaper. I know this was a big help for me in saving battery life.

PhotoPass Captures special momentsThe app does also give you locations for the photo pass photographers, and I did search for them at times, but if you see one just walk up and ask. My favorite shots were of Mike and Camden while the rest of waited in the bathroom. It wasn’t about being in a special place or asking for magic it was just asking for a photo, and capturing a father/son moment. (He got a card from the photographer and I just scanned it in and the photos uploaded easily to the app)

Photo Pass Magic Shots 2016

Speaking of magic, we love when they’ve added some to our shots. My favorite one was the one with the balloons. Really getting to have fun with the photos make them even more personal and something we can’t get anywhere else.

Photo Pass Ride Shots

Lets not forgot that ride photos are also included in the package. We decided that California Screamin’ would be the perfect 1st roller coaster experience for E and knowing we’ll have this photo forever makes all of us smile. We also loved riding Carsland Radiator Racers and even thought it was 10:30pm we were enjoying the joy ride!

PhotoPass Rt. 66 at NightI also made a point to make sure we made it back to Carsland so we could get a photo with the neon, and it turned out to be my favorite shot all because the photographer asked us to get close together. It’s moments like this that I wouldn’t be able to get with my cell phone and after a long day I will look at this photo and remember eating popcorn from the Cozy Cone and enjoying the magic of Rt. 66.

Photo Pass Family Fun

Plus sometimes it’s fun to take silly photos as family. I knew going into the day it would be well worth the money and I got about 50 shots that I’m happy with. That’s less than $1 a picture which I consider a win. As a reminder they will take photos with your cell phone, but there’s no way I would get this quality image. We did have one group of photos that didn’t show up, even after a few days, so I called customer service and they tracked them down and got them added to my account. It was a quick and painless process, especially since I had an idea of where we were and what time of day.

Do you have any Photo Pass tips to add?


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