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DisneyNature has a new movie making it’s way to theater’s on April 21st, 2017 called Born in China and it’s something the whole family should find time to see, especially in the 1st week of opening.

Born in China in theaters April 21st, 2017My family was able to attend a preview of the film at DisneySMMC this year and while I wasn’t too excited at first to see it, and neither was my family, we all left inspired and feeling a new respect towards these animals and filmmakers.

Born in China follows 4 different animal families, the Giant Panda, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, the Snow Leopard and Red-Crowned Cranes. You watch the different dynamics of how they embrace their youth, protect or dis guard them, and get a small glimpse into their world of parenting with beautiful cinematography and

Born in China -PandaI was moved as both a mother and observer to how little I know of these animals and how similar we all are. My kids still talk about how they loved the baby panda and laugh about a special moment with a leaf. I’m actually really appreciative of this movie for teaching and reminding how endangered some of these animals and to step back and view another part of the world.

I think that this is a nice break from typical family movies and great ice-breaker to talk about how we can do more for the environment and endangered animals. Just by attending this movie in the 1st week Disney will make a donation for each ticket purchased to the World Wildlife Federation.

DisneyNature Born in ChinaDisneyNature continues to educate, support animals and the environment and I can’t wait to see what else they will do. Will you be checking out Born in China opening week?



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