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Playing pretend is one of the best way for your child to grow their imagination and pretending to be a doctor is something all kids can relate to. So why not make them a DIY Doctor’s coat that allows them to really get into character! 

DIY Doctor coat
When I got my Disneyside kit I got 10 Hanes t-shirts and some fabric markers.  My mind immediately thought these would make awesome Doctor coats. I had already decided to make some DIY Toy Stethoscopes so the doctor’s coat just made sense. 

How to make a Doctor’s Coat

Supplies Needed:

White Hanes T-shirts (We had 5 child size M and 5 child size L.)
Fabric Markers

I was amazed with how easy it was to make them into the coats and it’s also super affordable. 

Step 1:  Cut directly down the center of the shirt
Step 2:  (optional) Add a pocket on one or both sides
Step 3:  Write Doc on the shirt, and you can add their name if you want!

DIY Doctor’s Coat

That’s it, and they totally look like a doctor’s coat.  To me the pocket totally made it and I put a tongue depressor, some band-aids and an ace bandage in the the pocket. This way they were ready for anything, and really felt like they were doctors. Part of playing dress up is imagining and pretend play so giving them these simple tools really completed the look. 

The kids loved picking out their coat and what’s better is they can use them as an art smock, dress up, or costume in the future.

DIY Doctor's Coat

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