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Affiliate links disclosureThe tradition of a family costume continues with a throw back to our childhood and the introduction of a remake to the kids of Disney’s DuckTales (woo-hoo)! That’s right we decided to dress up as Huey, Dewey, Louie and Uncle Scrooge McDuck. Making DuckTales the perfect family or group costume and it’s a no-sew costume!

DuckTales Group CostumeWhat I love is how easy this costume is to pull together. It also has the ability to add more people. We would have added Launchpad, Mrs. Beasly, Webby and there are still more characters you can pull in.

Supplies Needed:

Sweatshirts (We love using Hanes, Red, Blue, Green)
Baseball Cap (red, blue, green)
Top Hat 
Yellow Tights or Leggings
White shorts (Kids, Adults)
Red Felt
Yellow Felt
Yellow Craft Foam
Thin elastic
Hot Glue Gun
Wire or Glasses
Red Ribbon
Money Bag (I used a canvas tote inside out)

DuckTales Group CostumeLots of pieces, but it’s very little work for the Huey, Dewey and Louie. The beak and the feet are the only things you really need to do.

For the beak I cut our a template from paper and then used that to cut out a top and bottom. The I glued the top a little on the inside to give the beak an open mouth look. I punched two holes on the sides and glued on elastic and that was it.

I decided to also add some feet. Again I drew a template duck foot and then cut it out with yellow felt and added elastic on the back with hot glue and slipped it over our shoes.

Scrooge McDuck costumeScrooge McDuck was a little more work. For him I needed to add red cuffs and a color. I took a 1/2 yard of red felt and cut these out and glued them on to the sweatshirt. I also added the red belt and a small yellow oval in the center. All of this was hot glued on. For the glasses I took some wire and shaped it into glasses and glued it on the beak.

Overall it was a very easy costume and we loved all the kids saying it’s DuckTales (woo-hoo) or it’s rich Uncle Scrooge and since Scrooge was holding a money bag we had kids asking if it had money in it. I wished I had thought about printing up some to have hanging out of the bag, but it didn’t dawn on me till later.

DuckTales Costume DIYI was happy with the excitement for the costumes and that we got to give a nod to our childhood as well. I mean who doesn’t love Disney’s DuckTales (woo-hoo)!

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