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We’re always looking for a fun activity to help celebrate the New Year with kids. So we came up with a simple and fun DIY Balloon Drop that will have everyone smiling, and it should cost less than $5 using items around the house and the Dollar store.

DIY Balloon Drop

It took us about 15 minuets to put it all up and we blow up the balloon before we get started, and I recommend you do this early in the day. Not only will it build up everyone’s excitement, but then it’s done you don’t have to worry about it!

DIY Balloon Drop Supplies

Supplies Needed:
Black Plastic Tablecloth
String or Curling ribbon
Painters Tape
Ladder or step stool (depending on how tall your ceiling is)
Optional: Glow Sticks (bracelet size)

DIY Balloon Drop StepsStep 1: Blow up Balloons (as many or as little as you want to have drop)
Step 2: Layout the black plastic tablecloth
Step 3: Use painters tape to attach each corner of the tablecloth to the ceiling, leaving a large enough gap to be able to put the balloons in. We also taped the center on one side so the balloons wouldn’t fall out.
Step 4: On 2 ends you need to poke a hole and add string or curling ribbon through the hole and around the tape. This is what you’ll use to pull down the tablecloth and let the balloons drop
Step 5: Make sure you have enough string or ribbon on each side so you can pull the drop back
Step 6: When it’s time have 2 people pull each string and walk back
Step 7: Watch as everyone enjoys the magic of a balloon drop and the New Year!

It was kind of surprising how easy this was to do and what a big impact it had on everyone. The kids loved playing with the balloons and the adults loved the excitement. This year I’m going to put the bracelet glow sticks inside of the balloons to give it a little more glow and wow factor.

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Sharing is caring!