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Affiliate links disclosureWhen it comes to hitting up the beach or pool having a towel to dry off is key, but why not take those towels and make some pants? These easy DIY Towel pants offer lots of possibilities of dry rides and fashion fun and are perfect for beginner or advance sewers.

DIY Towel Pants

DIY Towel Pants

I first saw these pants at the pool, and from across the way I knew they were a genius idea, and something I should be able to pull together quickly. I loved the idea that the kids could throw these on and hop in the car to head home or change into them after a day at the pool and feel comfy.

What do I need to make towel pants

Towel Pants DIYWhen it comes to making these pants, it’s actually pretty simple. and just a few supplies and seams are needed.

You’ll want 2 towels. I find the beach towels work better than bath towels, as they aren’t as thick and are easier to work with. I used a combo of 1 beach and 1 bath towel, but moving forward will only be using beach towels.

Elastic – I like to use a no roll elastic as it’s thicker and works better great for not rolling in the pants


Pattern or a pair of pj pants to use as a pattern. I was lucky to have a pattern for some easy pants, but this is also pretty easy to make your own pattern my using a pair of pj pants as your pattern.

How to make Towel Pants

1. Fold the towel in half (long ways)

Towel pants pattern
2. Use the pattern or fold a pair of pj pants in half and cut on the fold one leg of the pants. I like the utilize the bottom of the towel for the bottom of the pants so I don’t have to finish off any seams.
3. Repeat 2 for the other leg of the pants
towel pants beginner sewing project4. Once cut, unfold the fabric and place the towels so the designs are facing each other.
5. Sew the crotch of the pants on each side
6. Open up the pants so you have one pattern for each leg
Towel pants steps7. Sew the legs by starting on one side and going to the other
8. Fold the top of the pants over based on your elastic width
9. Sew the fold, but be sure to leave open about 2 inches so you can add the elastic
Towel pants elastic10. Measure the wearers waist and add the elastic through the open hole in the waistband
11. Sew the elastic together. I like to make a box shape to ensure that the elastic will stay
12. Try on the pants for the wearer and if all is good finish sewing the waistband
13. Turn your pants right side out!
Towel Pants pocket14. Optional: If you want to add a pocket on the outside do that prior to step 5. I found it’s easier before sewing the pant legs together!

Towel Pants for the pool

What I love about these pants is that they are a great early sewing project for kids, and perfect for the pool. This way when you get in the car to head home, you’re sitting on a towel already.

I may even have to make a pair for myself as they are so soft, comfy and absorbent.

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