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Are you looking for the perfect Valentine for a teacher or friend, Grandparent or Mom?  Do you want to give something special and cute they can enjoy all day?  Then I have the perfect project for you with this DIY Valentine Felt Wrist Corsage.

DIY felt wrist corsage

Last year I made these for the daycare workers and they were a hit.  Now I can’t wait to see him deliver these to his girlfriends, sister and Mama!

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Felt Wrist corsage supplies
-1 Piece of Felt
-Grosgrain Ribbon (don’t use satin it won’t stay tied)
-Glue Gun
What to cut:
Felt Wrist corsage steps

How to make a Felt Wrist Corsage

Step 1:  Cut the ribbon the length you want so you can tie around your wrist.
Step 2: Cut the base from the felt, it’s a simple rectangle, and doesn’t have to be perfect as you can see from mine.  It’s about Inch x Inch and a half
Step 3:  Cut the bottom of the flower, I just traced a clover like shape on paper first and used it as my template.
Step 4:  Cut the middle of the flower from the felt.  This one should be similar to the bottom but a little smaller.
Step 5:  Cut the long center strip, in a wave like shape starting big and getting smaller.  Mine is about 6 inches.
Step 6:  Take the thin side of the center strip and roll it up gluing the end
Step 7:  Lay the ribbon out on a square of felt and glue
Step 8:  Glue the bottom of the flower to the square
Step 9:  Turning the middle at a different angle glue it to the bottom of the flower
Step 10:  Glue the center

Felt Wrist corsage DIY

Now you have a wonderful gift for any lady in your young mans life!  Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  If the flower shape looks lopsided it’s okay, I would say it’s even better!  This is a fun simple craft that you or if you’re kids are a little older can make for minimal costs.

Felt Wrist corsage DIY

Note:  Girls can give a corsage too, so don’t think Eleanor won’t be handing these out as well! Happy crafting and Valentine’s Day!

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