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Getting kids to read isn’t always easy, but the Dog Man books are huge hit for the elementary age, so this Dog Man costume works great for a favorite book character or Halloween costume. 

Dog Man Costume

I’m always looking for ways to get my kids to read, but it’s not hard when there’s a Dog Man book coming out, or in sight. I’ve read the books together with my son, and see him re-reading them on his own constantly. If you’re looking for other book suggestions make sure you check out Graphic Novels for K-3rd grade, and Chapter books for K-2nd grade. 

Dog Man DIY Costume

How to make a Dog Man costume

To make this costume you don’t need a lot, and you can easily make it using a lot of things you may already own. 

Dog Man costume supplies
Blue long sleeve shirt or turtleneck
Blue Jeans
Blue Baseball Hall
Blue Poster Board
Yellow felt or iron on vinyl
Black felt or iron on vinyl
Tan felt
Tape Measure
Safety pins
Packing Tape
Fabric Glue
Optional – Cricut, and Cricut EasyPress 2 

DIY Dog Man Costume

Dog Man Costume

To make this costume I knew I would need to draw out the Dog Man symbol, so I went ahead and drew it out, and you can Download and print it out to use it as a pattern (Dog Man Symbol)
Once I had the symbol I used my Cricut to cut it out, using yellow iron on vinyl (you’ll need a big one for the chest, and a small one for the hat). If you don’t have a Cricut you can use yellow felt and hand cut the 2 symbols
I knew I wanted to have the 5 stitches for Dog Mans neck so I cut 5 long rectangles with black iron on vinyl (again you can use felt)

Dog Man Costume with Cricut

After those items are cut it time to warm up the EasyPress 2 and apply to the shirt. If you are using felt, you’ll want to attach the felt with fabric glue. 
Making the hat was probably my favorite part. I used blue poster board. I placed a baseball cap on my sons head, then measured it with a tape measure and cut the form of the hat. For him is was 22 inches in length and the height was 5 inches tall. 
I added the yellow symbol to the center of the hat, and then I taped it together to make a circle. 
After I had the circle I then placed the cap and drew a circle for the top of the hat. After that was cut I used packing tape to attach it to the inside of the hat. 
Dog Man Hat DIYFor the ears, I drew a pattern on paper, and then cut the tan felt, and safety pinned it to the inside of the hat. 
Then I just taped the paper hat to the baseball cap. 

Dog Man The Hot Dog Game

No-Sew Dog Man costume

I’m so please with how well this costume turned out. My little Dog Man was so excited to dress up like his favorite character and of course now I need to make an Evil Petey! 

Do you have Dog Man fan? What’s their favorite book? 

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