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Have you ever gone on a Disney Cruise or are you planning to go on one? When we recently attended a conference for Disney Land and Sea I learned quickly how many amazing and fun things there are to do at sea. Of course this is optional, but I wanted to experience as much as possible so I decided to participate in what is called a Fish Extender and I’m going to share with you what it is and a DIY for how to make your own Fish Extender using simple sewing skills.

How to make a Fish Extender for a Disney Cruise and other ideasWhat’s a fish extender?

This was the question I asked when someone asked me if I was participating. It’s become a thing on Disney Cruises because on the outside of your door there’s a fish knob. It’s there for papers and information to be left from the cruise, but someone got the idea to hang a bag, or travel extender and coordinate with other families to be left little gifts like a Secret Santa.

Since this is not run by Disney Cruise lines it’s usually organized in a facebook group or on DIS boards. I know our group was Disney Wonder and then the dates we were traveling. That’s where I found someone was organizing a group. Now my group consisted of 10 families total and we said our names, kids ages and if they were girls or boys and what characters we liked along with our room number.

Because I was going with other bloggers we had a lot of people who were eager to participate and all had great ideas for both fish extenders and gifts. I’m sharing how I made my extender for 4 pockets and how it’s simple and easy with a few basic sewing skills.

Fish Extender Supplies

Fish Extender Supplies Needed:

  • Felt -1/4 yard
  • Fabric – 1/4 if using 2 kinds of fabric or 1/2 yard if using one kind
  • Double Bias Tape – 2 packages (I did Red and Black)
  • Ribbon (I used black and red and white polka dot)
  • Dowel Rod – 13 inches long (I painted mine yellow)
  • Iron on vinyl

How to make a Fish Extender

How to make a DIY Fish Extender:

  1. I was using a scrap of black felt I had so I cut it to measure 36 inches x 12 inches wide
  2. Next I cut my pockets. I made them 8 inches x 14 inches wide. They’re a little wider because you want to make pleats so things will fit easily in the pockets
  3. I measured about 2 inches in and then ironed my inch pleat from both sides
  4. Place the fabric face down on the black felt and pin the bottom of the pocket where you want it for all the pockets
  5. Once you have them in place sew the bottom of the pocket to the felt
  6. Use the double bias tape on the top of each pocket
  7. Sew the pocket sides to the felt
  8. Then take the double bias tape and go around the outside of the entire fish extender
  9. Cut ribbon 3 inches long (I did 4 ribbons)
  10. Fold the ribbon in half and pin to the back of the fish extender. I spaced mine out planning for 6
  11. Sew the ribbon on the back
  12. Add the dowel rod through the ribbon
  13. Add 2 long ribbons around the dowel rod. This will be what you use to hang from the fish on the boat
  14. If you want to add names or letters you can. I used my Cricut to cut our iron on vinyl and added our first initial to the pocket and our name on the top.

DIY Fish ExtenderIt’s a lot of steps, but it’s pretty easy to make if you can sew a straight line and measure. I loved our fish extender and was so happy I participated in the activity. It was actually the kids favorite part of the cruise looking to see what they were left. I also love that I can reuse this the next time we go on a Disney Cruise!

I’ve also got some amazing friends who have other fish extender DIY ideas so if sewing isn’t your thing check these out!

Kami from The Momma Diaries Fish Extender

The Momma Diaries Fish Extender

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Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise and participated in fish extenders?

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