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I’m so excited to be the 11th day of The Chirping Mom’s 12 Days of Toys Giveaway. What’s even better is today is a Games Galore Giveaway!

Games Galore Giveaway We love to play games in our home and I know Courtney and Julie do as well so it seemed like the perfect fit. What’s better is we have 6 games to giveaway so one lucky winner will be able to stock their game closet with some new and exciting things.

Rollers USAopolyRollers:
I learned about this game back in July and have been playing it since we got it. It’s a game of dice and strategy recommended for ages 8 and up. It’s quick to play and will have you ready to invite over friends and family to play (you can play up to 5 people). Give your roll and watch out for the zing, and collect those points.

Mental Blox 360Mental Blox 360:
When you see this game you think oh I can do that, but let me say it really is mentally challenging. There are 3 different levels so young ones can think of things in different ways and adults can also have their minds put to the test. I really enjoy watching the kids figure it out and since the box has it labeled how to put the game away there’s no excuse for cleaning up, it’s just like putting together a puzzle.

This game from Mindware will get you out of your seat and figuring out how to move and work together. With a spinner you kick to figure out if you go over, under or thought the elastic bands. You’ll find yourself laughing and moving if ways you didn’t know you could.

Rainbow Fish Share and Sprakle GameThe Rainbow Fish Share and Sparkle Game
This game features the beloved Rainbow Fish and helps to teach kids to work together. Great for little ones to work on colors, counting, sharing and planning.

Burst Out Laughing GasBurst Out Laughing Gas
Who’s ready for some laughs? This party game will have everyone laughing, acting silly and just having fun together. Starting with 4 people you and your partner take a card and featuring 2 common phrases and then have to figure out separately what they are and together. It’s family fun for ages 10 and up.

This game has been a lot of fun in figuring out who’s who. It’s a strategy game that will have you plotting, planning and trying to figure out who everyone is. You can play from 2-6 players and will be in for a good hour of play. This is a game that’s great for ages 10 and up.

We’re also so excited that one lucky winner is going to win all 6 of these games. Giveaway is open to US residents only, ages 18 and older and ends on Friday, December 16th at 10pm EST.

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