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The new Aladdin movie is out and we are so excited for this family favorite film that we’re celebrating with some Genie Jello! A fun and tasty snack to enjoy while we watch Aladdin.

Genie Jello

Genie Jello

We all know the blue Genie and his classic look and colors of blue, red and a little touch of gold. So coming up with a fun snack to share was pretty easy to do with some Jello, and it’s fun to say grab some Genie Jello!

Supplies Needed

Genie Jello suppliesBlue Jello (2 boxes)
Red Jello
Whipped cream
Gold sprinkles
Plastic cups

How to make Genie Jello

Making this is easy, it’s the waiting that’s hard.

Genie Jello StepsYou’ll want to make a big box of blue Jello. Just following the instructions. The. Pour it into 2 cups and place I. The fridge for 2 hours.

Tip: I like to put it all on a cookie sheet so it’s easy to move from counter to fridge.

Genie Jello Step 2Once it’s gotten solid you can make the box of red. Add a little strip on top of the solid blue Jello. Then it’s back to the fridge for 2 more hours.

The last box of Jello is also blue and at this point you’ll be a Jello pro! Pour it over the red and place in the fridge for 2 hours.

Genie Jello DIYOnce its taken the Jello mood its time to top it off with some whipped cream and gold sprinkles.

My kids love this snack and as we watch the Aladdin move from the 90s they love to have Genie Jello as a treat. I have no doubt we’ll be making this a lot this summer.

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