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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being able to take an item you see everyday and really give it a custom look with a Cricut Joy is such a fun way to craft. This Groovy Bus mailbox is the perfect example of making a customized and unique project for the home that people will get a kick out of. 

Groovy Bus Mailbox

On a visit to see some family. I decided to bring along my Cricut Joy. I love how I can pop it in the carrying case and be ready to craft wherever I am. When I got to my parents place my Mom asked me to help her come up with something fun for her new mailbox. We talked about lots of ideas, but decided to do a 70’s style groovy bus, that also gave to a nod to when she and my Dad go married. 

Personalized mailbox

Groovy Bus Mailbox

Once we had the idea the fun of designing and picking the colors began. There are so many color options with the Smart Vinyl, that we were able to really make some fun choices, between metallic, glitter and matte the bus was taking on a fun and colorful look. 

Personalized Mailbox with Cricut Joy

Supplies Needed:
Cricut Joy
Smart Vinyl (green, orange, black, purple, pink, blue, silver or whatever colors you want)
Transfer Tape
2 cans of Spray paint (black and whatever color you choose)
ModPodge (Waterbase/Outdoor)
5-Canning Lids (These are large mouth canning lids)
Spray Seal – Protective Coat Clear
Cricut Design Space -Groovy Bus

How to customize your Mailbox

Supplies for Groovy Bus Mailbox

-Spray Paint your mailbox. I recommend you paint this outside in a well ventilated area and wear a mast. I did 2 coats and made sure to paint the inside flap! 
Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl– While your mailbox is drying, that is the perfect time to cut your designs. Even with all the different colors it’s quick and easy using the Cricut Smart Vinyl (meaning there’s no mat or prep needed)
-After you cut out and weed all the pieces, it’s time to drill holes into the center of the wheels and then paint your wheels. I wanted 5 wheels so painted 5 large mouth canning lids black. 

Cricut Transfer Tape-I chose to add the windows of the bus 1st since that would be the base of the bus. I measured to make sure they would be even on each side, and then used transfer tape to add them. 
-Then came the fun of adding the address number 2485 and all the different flowers, hearts, smiles, peace signs, a K on the front (for their last name) A & P and a license place with the year they were married 1975.  Tip: Remember to keep in mind where the wheels will be. 
Have a Groovy Day Mailbox-For the inside of the front flap I added Have a Groovy Day because why not make your mail carrier smile! 
-Adding the wheels. I used the holes on the mailbox as a guide and then drilled the wheels on. I even added a spare tire on the back. I used a rivet to secure it in place. 
Bus Mailbox protective seal-Once all the vinyl was on the bus I wanted to ensure that it would really stand the test of time so I used ModPodge (the green label as it’s good for outdoor use)
-After the ModPodge dried I added one more protective coat using an outdoor seal, clear gloss. I made sure to spray it on the outside and the inside of the flap. 

Cricut Joy makes customizing easyOverall I adore how this mailbox turned out. It’s so personal and cute, and my parents love it. I’m so thankful I could easily grab my Cricut Joy and work anywhere. I did some things on the back porch, or at the kitchen table and even works some in the living room. I’m so thankful I keep my machine in the carry case ready to go. Crafting with friends and family is what I enjoy and this mini but mighty machine makes that possible. 

Hippie Bus Mailbox

Just because we chose to do a Hippie/Groovy Bus, doesn’t mean you have to. There are so many different ways you can customize your own mailbox, and with the Cricut Joy the possibilities are limitless! 

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