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October means a lot of things to me, but one thing I know for sure is we’ll be watching the classic movie Hocus Pocus multiple times. I’m such a fan I wanted to create a shirt to wear for the month, and my upcoming trip to Disney, because why not!

Hocus Pocus DIY shirt with Cricut

Last year I wrote a post about Halloween Style- without wearing a costume. This shirt is the perfect example of how to enjoy the holiday and not worry about a costume. When it comes to festive shirt I personally love a Baseball tee, and with the weather cooling down think it’s a great way to be festive and warm.


So with a movie as popular as Hocus Pocus there are so many amazing quotes. I made a list of my favorites, and was torn between 2 “It’s Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus” and “Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! (I’ve been known to do this at the mention of the movie so I really wanted to figure out a way to use both. A shirt has a front and back so I decided that’s what I would do!

Hocus Pocus Shirt supplies Cricut, HTV, Baseball tee, IronSupplies:
Baseball Tee (these are sooooo soft and comfy)
Heat Transfer Vinyl (Green, Orange and Purple Glitter)

To make this I used Cricut Design Space and I love that I have a monthly subscription because I have access to so many awesome fonts and images. I used 3 different fonts to make my shirt and made sure I selected the color I was intending to use. It’s just easier to keep me organized.

Once I was all set it was time to cut. It’s important to remember that when using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) you select the mirror image box. You should be cutting everything backwards. You also want to place the HTV on the cutting mat face down (with the shiny side down) and make sure your dial is set to the 2nd dot on Iron-On.

You have to cut each color separately, and make sure you’ve checked the mirror image box each time. Once they’re cut you’ll weed (remove) the vinyl not needed so you’re left with the words. Tip: Always make sure you’ve checked it against your cricut design space image. Small pieces can easily be forgotten, and I almost did this with one of the O’s and it would have been tough to fix.

Then it’s time to iron. I always try my hardest to line it all up perfectly, but a ruler is very helpful here. You also want to make sure you aren’t putting letters on top of other plastic. Because it will adhered to the plastic and not the shirt. So I recommend you snip the plastic as close as possible and be careful. Once it’s all in place use a top sheet over the vinyl (I used to use a thin baby blanket, now I use a reusable Teflon sheet) and then iron.

When ironing you don’t want to move the iron around. Just place it down and put some pressure on. Then lift and move to the next spot. Take your time. You don’t want to rush and then have your letters falling off. I should also say here’s where quality vinyl makes a difference. It’s much easier to iron on and it will stay. Make sure you test before you pull off the plastic. Try lifting a corner and if the vinyl stays in place then keep going, but slowly. Stand back and enjoy your shirt.

Hocus Pocus Amuck shirt with CricutNow if you’re adding to the back flip the shirt and repeat the above steps. It’s an easy and fun project that will have people smiling as you walk toward them and away. I’m personally looking forward to wearing mine to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party later this month.

Hocus Pocus DIY Shirt with a CricutI hope “I Put a Spell On You” and you get to work on your own Hocus Pocus themed shirt!

Hocus Pocus Back in Theaters 2018Also, big news this Halloween season you can catch Hocus Pocus back in the theater. That’s right big screen, comfy chairs and our 3 favorite witches! Friday, October 26th – Wednesday, October 31st,  Hocus Pocus return for a limited engagement exclusively in over 300 AMC cinemas locations nationwide!

For Hocus Pocus tickets and information visit

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