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When it comes to dragons nothing beats Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. Both my kids love the movies so when I asked E what theme she wanted for her 5th birthday it was a no brainer: How to Train your Dragon Birthday! 

We like to host home birthday parties and stay on a budget, but with an RSVP list of 45 people we knew it was going to be a pretty big party so we wanted to keep it simple and special.

We went with a color theme of black, lime green (Toothless eyes) and red. I used a free Evite for the invitations and it really helped me stay organized with RSVPs.

When it came to food we made Dragon (deviled) eggs, a veggie dragon, and the smartest decision was having Chick-fil-a cater. A large tray of nuggets, and some chicken salad ensured kids and adults a delicious and filling lunch!

With all these kids we knew we needed to do some kind of activity so Mike took a pot lid and tons of cardboard and cut out shields for the kids. We used some Duck Tape to make the handle and threw out about 50 markers and told the kids to decorate away. Tip: I was very glad we used Crayola Washable Markers!

After their shields were made we got in a circle and did the “Dragon pokey” and worked on best ways to use our shield (High, low, middle). These activities were perfect for the different ages of kids we had between 3-5 and everyone loved that they had a shield to take home.

As for the cake I would have loved to make a Toothless, but didn’t want to deal with black icing so we decided to make the Island of Berk and Sky for Toothless to fly in. I had some bath time toys that worked perfect for decoration. I also used the Duff Tie-Dye cake and the kids loved the rainbow cake.

For the favor I wanted to get something that was dragon related. I recently learned about Crayola’s 4D Color Alive coloring book and app and knew it was the perfect favor. I purchased both the Mythical Creators one and the Fairies book giving the child a choice. I also made sure to tell the parents to download the free app to make sure they could bring the drawings to life. Everyone loved this idea and I was glad it was such a hit.

It was a great party. Keeping it simple and fun was the key and while we were a full house we loved celebrating with our friends and fellow dragon trainers!

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