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The last day of school is always an exciting and special day and it’s become a tradition to wear a last day is school shirt that signifies an end of the grade.

Last Day of School ShirtsOur school has a wonderful tradition on the last day of school. All the grades come together and make a rainbow photo.

School Rainbow Photo

School Rainbow Photo by Chad Hunt Photography

Since our school has K-5th grade they are able to assign each grade a color.

Kindergarten – Purple

1st Grade – Blue

2nd Grade – Green

3rd Grade – Yellow

4th Grade – Orange

5th Grade – Red

Every year it’s the same as the little ones are at the bottom of the rainbow and it grows to the oldest in the back. We are lucky to have parent photographers who volunteer their time to head up to the roof of the school, then climb a ladder and take the perfect shot. A special thank you to Chad Hunt Photography who took this photo!

Last Day is School Shirts

Last Day of School Shirts #cricutcreatedSince the last day of school is all about color and fun I wanted to make some last day of school shirts that teachers, parents and kids would love.

Last day of Kindergarten shirt

Last Day of Kindergarten ShirtThe year of Kindergarten is a huge transformation for kids and the start of what will be a long, and quick 12 years so I came up with Kindergarten check Only 12 more years to go!

Last Day of 1st Grade shirt

Last Day of 1st Grade shirtGoing from K to 1st these kids have confidence and a love for school a lot feel like they nailed being a 1st Fraser. So I used that as inspiration.

Last day of 2nd Grade shirt

Last day of 2nd grade shirtKids are feeling cooler at this age so I went with Peace Out 2nd Grade.

Last day of 3rd Grade shirt

Last day of 3rd Grade ShirtStraight Outta 3rd Grade these kids are excited about getting more freedom and responsibility.

Last day of 4th Grade shirt

Last Day of 4th Grade ShirtSometimes you just need to survive and 4th Grade seems to be when school gets a little tougher and homework a little heavier. So I survived 4th Grade seems appropriate.

Last day of 5th Grade shirt

Last Day of 5th Grade ShirtFor us 5th Grade is the last year of elementary school so middle school is coming. This shirt is about embracing the fact that you’re done with 5th and elementary school and ready to take on middle school.

Last day of school shirts with Cricut

Last Day of School Shirts with CricutOf course I made all of these with my Cricut and have the designs available in Design Space for you to use!

Does your school have any last day traditions or do your kids wear last day of school shirts?

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