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Babies in Halloween costumes are totally one of my favorite things. When I saw my nephew recently I told his mom I had an idea for him for Halloween. She ask what and I said he would make an adorable Magic 8 Ball. She loved it and asked me if I could make it and of course I said yes! One Magic 8 Ball costume coming up.

Magic 8 Ball Costume DIY

Magic 8 Ball Costume

If you’re not familiar with the Magic 8 Ball it’s a toy that’s been around since the 50’s. You ask the 8 ball a yes or no question and flip it 3 times and the magic 20 sided die on the bottom will give you an answer. At least that’s how I always played with it. My kids think you ask the bottom of the ball the question and then flip it over. No matter how you ask it’s a great retro toy that all ages can enjoy.

How to make a Magic 8 Ball costume

Supplies Needed:
Black Shirt or Onsie
Black Pants
White iron-on vinyl (HTV)
Blue iron-on vinyl (HTV)
Free 8 PNG

I decided to keep it simple and use a long sleeve black onsie and black pants. It’s the end of October so we want to keep these babies warm. I also had a hard time finding the correct font for the 8, but made a free PNG so you don’t have to go through making one. I made mine with my Cricut, but if you don’t have one you can print these out using Printable Iron-ons.

Magic 8 Ball with CricutStep 1: In Cricut Design Space I add a circle
Step 2: Upload the 8 PNG and then slice it into the circle
Step 3: Add a triangle and then another triangle just a little smaller
Step 4: Pick your saying:
It is certain● It is decidedly so● Without a doubt● Yes definitely● You may rely on it● As I see it, yes● Most likely● Outlook good● Yes● Signs point to yes● Reply hazy try again● Ask again later● Better not tell you now● Cannot predict now● Concentrate and ask again● Don’t count on it● My reply is no● My sources say no● Outlook not so good● Very doubtful
Step 5: I placed the words over the larger triangle and sliced them together
Step 6: Cut the 8 ball and smaller triangle in the white HTV, don’t forget to select mirror image
Step 7: Cut the larger triangle in the blue HTV, don’t forget to select mirror image
Step 8: Iron on the items
Step 9: Dress up the little one and let the fun begin

Magic 8 Ball DIY costume

Halloween Costumes with Cricut

I’m so happy with how cute this costume turned out and I love that it can be worn by a boy or girl and when they flip over to crawl away you see the answer. It’s so cute and fun and will be a costume that many generations will enjoy and smile when they see it. Also, don’t forget this will also work well for toddlers, kids, teens and adults, you just may need to place the answer on the lower back.

Magic 8 Ball Without a DoubtWhat Magic 8 ball answer would you use on your costume?

Magic 8 Ball Costume DIY

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