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I love a good mystery. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, game, puzzles, escape room or dinner. I’m always along for the ride of trying to figure out whodunit! I thought it would be fun to pull together a mystery games and puzzles gift guide to share some of my favorites. 

Mystery Games & PuzzlesWe’re always up for a family game night, or inviting friends over for some fun, and I have a few whodunit games that I like to pull or we go a bit of a different route and try an at home escape room. No matter the game we always have fun. 

Mystery Games

Mystery Games

13 Dead End Drive
I just discovered this game, but it’s celebrating 25 years, and I understand why. It’s a mix of mystery and fun. The set up is a little more than usual, but it’s totally worth it, as you have falling statues, chandeliers, bookcases and more to keep kids and adults laughing while you play. 

The 1st time I played this game I was hooked, you want to figure out who the other people you’re playing with are, and it’s not a quick solve. I like that you need to pay attention and listen to what other players are asking and saying. It’s great for up to 6 players and will take about an hour to play making a night of fun. 

Escape from the Hidden Castle
This is the newest to our collection, and I love that you can play with up to 8 people. It’s got a 2 sided board game, and you need to watch out for the phantom, because he’s sneaky! 

I mean it’s a classic, and there are lots of different kinds of Clue games out there that will satisfy your needs. Looking to play with a big group? Try Clue Master Detective, where you can play with up to 10 people. Plus every clue is a little different. I adore the Clue Harry Potter, and Disney’s Clue Tower of Terror, but there’s also Clue Downton Abbey, Clue Bobs Burgers, Clue Golden Girls, Clue Star Wars, and I’m just scratching the surface. 

Spy Alley
This is a game I’m looking forward to testing out, it’s great for the family, and allows me to put detective skills to use as we try to figure out who you are! 

Escape Room Games at home

Escape Room Games at Home

Exit The Game
I played my 1st Exit the Game and was hooked. These games are one time play, but so much fun and a challenge. They have a ton of different games and I love to grab these as gifts for my friends, because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and once it’s played it’s done. Make sure you pay attention to the level you’re buying as it’s good to work your way up. 

Escape the Room 
Thinkfun has 2 games that started me on the Escape Room quest. These are great and tons of fun, again a one time play, but you could repackage this game and give to someone else when you’re done. We did a competition where I got 2 games and we battled to see who would escape first! 

Mystery Puzzles

Mystery Puzzles

Alphabet Mystery Puzzles
Yes it’s true you can solve and mystery while putting together a puzzle! These usually come with a story and then you put together a puzzle which you have no idea what it looks like. Talk about a mystery. 

Escape Puzzle
Of course there’s also Escape Puzzles, and these put your brain to the test. You have an idea of the picture, but you’ll need to use some smarts to figure out the clues and get creative. We’re working on one now and it’s quite the job. Fingers crossed I escape from the submarine in time! 

Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles
Read the story and solve the mystery while putting together a puzzle. I love that this box is like a book and they’ve got some great stories from Coffee shops to the Titanic and even some Sherlock Holmes! 

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party
It’s much easier than you think, and I can say I’ve been playing these games since I was in high school. I love how create they are with the names, and it’s always a fun to invite friends to dress up and have a fun night acting out different parts. They key is you must cast all the characters in order in play, and you’ll enjoy an evening of acting and fun. 

Murder Mystery Party Game
This is also similar to the other one, but I think you get a little more wiggle room with the number of guests. Fun themes and opportunities to have fun with a menu is what I like about this one. 

Whodunit Games

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting down for a game, puzzle or dinner these are all great ways to keep your brain active and ready to figure out who did it or which thief you are, or solving the big mystery. 

Do you play mystery games and puzzles? What’s your favorite? 

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