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That super sleuth Nancy Drew has been solving mysteries for years and here’s some ideas for a DIY Nancy Drew costume

Nancy Drew Costume

I’m a big fan of mysteries, between books, games, and puzzles I love to get lost and figure out “Who did it?” and there’s one detective who’s always ready to solve the case. If you’re looking for other mystery book ideas check out Chapter Books for K-2 or this Mystery Games and Puzzles Gift Guide


Nancy Drew Costume

What’s great about Nancy is she’s evolved over time and you can go a few different directions with her look. I hit up the local thrift store to pull this look together, but you can also go through your closet and see what works or Amazon is always a great option. She’s got some staples that make it easy to work with. 

Nancy Drew Costume DIY

For her clothes think plaid skirt and sweater set or a 60’s style shift dress, or Blue suit jack and skirt. I think of Nancy in some sort of dress or skirt, and you can add a trench coat if the weather is cool. What’s great is looking at old book covers for inspiration. Once you have the outfit it’s time to accessorize, and I think of a sensible shoe like some loafers, a brown satchel to carry all of your detective items, a broach of some sort, and definitely a headband and hair flip. 


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DIY Nancy Drew Costume

Nancy Drew 

When it comes to dressing and acting the part you want to add all the fun extras like the flashlight, magnifying glass and maybe even a batch of lemon bars! This costume is great for any age, and since the Nancy Drew series came out in 1930 and has continued to be republished and updated you’ve got a lot of room for interpretation. 

If you’re looking for other DIY costume ideas, check out Book Character Costumes for more ideas! 

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