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Big news! The National Park Service has created a new app to make your planning and visiting parks experience easier. The new app, named National Park Service, features accessibility information, lodging reservations, hike suggestions, audio tours, restaurant hours, downloadable maps, and more which helps make planning and going on your next trip even better.

National Park Service App

National Park Service App

What is this app? Well, it has several features that are really cool yet functional.

  • For visitors who collect national park passport stamps, the app has detailed photos of each one, along with information on where to get them.
  • App users can also create and send a custom virtual postcard, with up to four recent photos and a park stamp in the corner. 
  • A few of the sites have Webcams to see what the park currently looks like.
  • Many of the parks are located in internet dead spots. The new app allows you to access park information offline.
  • Some sites have audio tours of their park sites. A really cool one is the Star Wars Location Audio Tour of Death Valley.
  • Users also have access to park’s hiking trails organized by difficulty.
  • App users can create lists that help organize trips or to see all the sites you have visited.

Since this app is still in it’s beta version there are a few issues with it. Some park sites are missing some photos or it doesn’t have all the information. As you know we are huge fans of the Junior Ranger Program and some sites don’t have this information in the app. Some sites are chalk full of information and some lack the info that needed. Hopefully as the app grows all the sites with have updated info. 

The new National Park App is available free on Android and Android.

Does the National Park Service have an app?

There have been many National Park Service apps in the past but many are very specific to that site. That is what make this new app so exciting. It offers visitors a one-stop shop where they can check out news, alerts, and trail recommendations for all of its 423 units. It also helps from me having tons of different apps for individual places that I forget to delete! 

App for National Park Service

How many National Park Sites are there?

The park service just announced their newest National Park located in West Virginia named New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. This means that as of February of 2021 there is 423 U.S. National Park sites, 63  of which are designated “National Parks”. The other sites fall into different National Park System categories like National Historic Sites, National Monuments, National Seashores, National Recreation Areas, and others. 

What happened to the National Parks Passport app?

They’ve discontinued the app at this time, due to recurring functionality issues. It is no longer available to download from the app store. So I suggest you delete that and replace it with this one. I really think it’s going to just keep getting better and more extensive as time goes!
Now I know the idea behind visiting a National Park is to be off our phone and enjoying the beauty of nature, but it’s nice to be able to quickly look up info and hopefully start to reduce some of the paper used for maps and guides. 
Now tell me what was the last National Park you visited? 

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