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It’s the holiday season and with that comes thinking of holiday gifts for parties, friends, family and more. I’ve got an idea for a gift that can possibly keep giving by making an NJ Lottery DIY Scratch off Sleigh! 

NJ Lottery Scratch Off Sleigh DIYNot too long ago I made this NJ Lottery DIY Scratch off Centerpiece, which I used on my table and gave to a few friends as hostess gifts. This year I wanted to switch things up and when I learned about the 4 new games from the New Jersey Lottery I decided to make a sleigh that can be used as a centerpiece on a table or given as a fun gift. 

NJ Lottery must be 18 to playI’m going to remind you that you must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER®.

NJ Lottery DIY Scratch Off Sleigh

Lottery Ticket Sleigh

Picking up NJ Lottery tickets is easy and quick, 7-11, Wawa, and QuickChek are go-tos for me. I like to pick up NJ Lottery tickets for fun, friends, teachers, stocking stuffers, and I even slip a few into some of the games we play on Christmas Eve!! Plus lets not forget about the Million Dollar Replay, which allows non-winning Scratch-offs a second chance at winning big. 


How to make Lottery Ticket Sleigh

NJ Lottery Sleigh DIY suppliesSupplies:
1- Holiday Lucky Bonus ($5)
2- Holiday Lucky Times 10 ($2 each)
4- Holiday Luck ($1 each)
2 candy canes

DIY NJ Lottery Sleigh Instructions1 – Start with the base which is the $5 Holiday Lucky Bonus ticket
2 – Then add the back. You can tape together 2 $2 Holiday Lucky Times 10 tickets and then tape those to the base ticket
NJ Lottery Steps to making a Scratch Off Sleigh3 – Add the sides. You’ll use 4 $1 Holiday Luck tickets. Taping 2 together for each side. Then tape those tickets to make the sides of the sleigh
Steps to making a Lottery Ticket Sled4 – To add the runners (candy canes) Just tape them to the bottom of the ticket

NJ Lottery Scratch Off Sled

DIY Scratch Off Sled

Overall this DIY only takes about 5 minutes to pull together, and you can make it for as little or as much as you want. I love that you can mix things up, maybe have the $10 Winter Wishes ticket be the base of the sled and make one for around $25.  No matter which NJ Lottery cards you use it’s a perfect gift and who knows what the winnings could be! 

NJ Lottery Scratch Off DIY SledI know I’ll be making a few of these this holiday season and can’t wait to have NJ Lottery scratch off races on Christmas Day with my family. 

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