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Halloween isn’t just about small kids, all ages like to dress up and celebrate. It’s a time to be a little crazy and have fun. Today’s costume is a perfect one for all ages, but I personally love it for teens and adults. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear a picnic blanket costume!

DIY Picnic Blanket Costume no-sew

Picnic Blanket Costume

I have to start with this costume and I have some serious history. I actually made it and wore it when I was 16. I also won most original costume and let’s keep in mind this was definitely before Pinterest and the internet was in everyone’s home!

Picnic Blanket Costume (quick, easy and under $10)

Picnic Costume

Supplies Needed:
Red and White Check Picnic Tablecloth (This is a vinyl one with a flannel back)
Hot Glue Gun
No-sew sticky back Velcro
Paper Plates
Sandwich baggies
Plastic Cups
Empty & Cleaned out food packaging (juice box, chip bags, candy wrappers, plastic baggies)
Yellow Puffy Paint (if you want to add crumbs)

Step 1: Lay out the picnic tablecloth and fold it partially in half (you’ll want it to hit mid back on the person, this way you can sit easily)
Step 2: Use a plate to cut on the fold in the center a half circle (make sure it’s not too big or too small)
Step 3: Trim the sides and bottom (cut the sides so it’s only a few inches over your shoulders. This is important because if it’s too big you won’t be able to see what’s on your blanket
Step 4: Once it’s sized heat up the hot glue gun
Step 5: Cut your solo cup in half
Step 6: Place your items on the blanket (it’s best to figure out where everything goes before you start gluing)
Step 7: Hot glue everything on
Step 8: Put it on and place the 2 pieces of Velcro to the inside of the front and back so they meet up.

Quick and easy picnic blanket costume

Creative Halloween Costume

It’s really a quick and easy costume and you’ll find a majority of these items in your home. So it’s really just the cost of the picnic tablecloth, and you can probably get 2 costumes out of one cloth if you wanted to. Happy Picnicking!

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