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Affiliate links disclosureIt’s been a fun week so far for National Games and Puzzles week and today I’m thrilled to have Ravensberger, Brio and Wonder Forge to bring Puzzles, mazes and Villains, oh my!

Puzzles, Mazes & Villains Oh My

Ravensberger Puzzles

Ravensburger Puzzle PixarRavensberger Puzzles: I know when I see that little blue triangle corner I’m getting a quality puzzle with detail and design. I love all the different picture puzzles to choose from. Of course I’m a Disney-Pixar fan so I tend to gravitate toward those but you can also find beautiful scenic pictures, and travel destinations. Wouldn’t it be great to give a puzzle as part of a trip reveal? We always enjoy doing a puzzle over holiday breaks, snowy days, winter nights, and summer vacations, it’s a great way to spend time together as a family working toward a common goal.

Brio Take Along Labyrinth

Brio Take Along LabryrinthBrio Take Along Labyrinth is great for that person who likes to figure out a maze. This compact game also teaches patience and fine motor skills. The best part is there’s no way to lose the ball, it’s all self contained, so this will be something that will last through generations to play.

Disney Villainous Game

Disney Villainous GameWonder Forge Disney Villainous has been on my wishlist since I first saw it in stores. This strategy game takes the Disney Villains you love to hate and puts them in charge of the game. I love that you’ll have different objectives based on the Villain you’re playing. A perfect game for a Disney fan or if you just enjoying a strategy game. Which Villain will you be: Prince John, Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Queen of Hearts, or Captain Hook?

Now it’s Giveaway time. That’s right, one lucky person will get all 3 items. A Ravensburger Puzzle, Brio Take Along Labyrinth and Disney Villainous Game. US entries only. Must be 18 and older to enter. Giveaway ends Wednesday, November 28th at 11:59pm ET.
Ravensburger Puzzle, Brio Travel Labyrinth & Disney Villainous Game

Good luck and make sure you enter the other Giveaways for National Games & Puzzles week!

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