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I’ve always been a fan of the fashions of the past. I love the style of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, but entering a new decade in 2020 I’m ready to bring back the style of the Roaring 20’s and I’ve pulled together some affordable and both over the top and simple Roaring 20’s outfits that sparkle. 

Roaring 20's Outfits that Sparkle

Of course I have my Affordable Retro Fashion and I’m always a fan of finding companies that embrace the style of eras gone, but I know I’m personally going to be pulling together a few of these looks for this year and beyond.

Roaring 20's Dresses

Roaring 20’s dress

I remember being a flapper girl for Halloween when I was younger, and loving the way the fringe moved. I also remember those dresses having a high price tag, but Amazon fashion has made it so affordable to get a dress and pull together a look that gives you the feel of the 1920’s. 

Flapper OutfitsFlapper Outfits

Every flapper needs a complete look with some accessories. from the headbands to the shoes there’s lots of ways to sparkle. I love that the options to get a package with just about all that you need to complete the flapper look.  

Art Deco AccessoriesArt Deco accessories of the 1920’s

Something I also love of the time is the style of Art Deco. It’s very distinct and can be found in lots of jewelry of the time. These are some great pieces to get because you can wear them a lot and not feel like you’re “dressing up”. Maybe a full flapper dress isn’t your thing. Just add a headband to a cute top and jeans or throw on a shawl over that little black dress in your closet and add some long pearls. The possibilities for this are endless. 

Roaring 20s Mens1920’s Mens 

Lets not forget about those dapper men. There’s a style for these gentlemen that makes you just swoon a little. The bow ties, hats, vests, pocket watches and shined shoes make a completed look of the 1920’s! 

Roaring 20s FashionRoaring 20’s Style

There are so many great items that will give you a feel of the era and even though it’s almost 100 years later the style is fun, classy and a good reminder of a different time. So pop the champagne, dance the Charleston, watch some silent films or sit down and read The Great Gatsby with a little Art Deco style on the side! 

Do you have a favorite era for fashion? 

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