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There’s something about a tasty Root Beer float that just makes me smile. As an adult I like to take it to the next level with a Rum Chata Root Beer Float that will knock your socks off and is easy to pull together. 

Adult Root Beer Float with Rum Chata 

I’ve seen success with my Pumpkin Pie Cocktail and Rum Chata Hot Chocolate which are perfect fall and winter drinks, and I’ve been wanting to share this summer drink for a while, and since August has National Root Beer Float day I knew I needed to whip it up and share. Reminder: This is a recipe for 21 and over! 

Rum Chata Root Beer Float Recipe

The supplies are pretty easy to pull together because there’s only 2:
Root Beer – 3 parts
Rum Chata – 1 part
Optional: Add some Vanilla Ice Cream and a Cherry

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To make this I recommend putting the glasses or mugs in the freezer about 10 mins prior to making it. This way you get a frosted mug or glass. 
Remember Rum Chata is a dairy based liquor so it can curdle. Make sure your bottle hasn’t expired! 
Then it’s just 1 part Rum Chata to 3 parts Root Beer
I think it’s best if you add the Rum Chata before the Root Beer.
Of course I do like to take it a step further and add some Ice Cream and a cherry!

Rum Chata Root Beer Float

Rum Chata Root Beer Float with Ice Cream

When It comes to adding the ice cream I think it’s best to do it at the end, so it’s on the top. Just 1 scoop with a cherry on top and my long spoon and a straw and I’m in heaven. 

Adult Root Beer Float

Of course I need to remind you that this is a drink for 21 and over, but little one can enjoy a root beer float just remove the Rum Chata and make sure you add the ice cream and a cherry! 

Do you have a favorite summertime drink or treat? 

Sharing is caring!