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Playing games is always fun, and one of our favorite party games is the saran wrap game which is sure to bring smiles, laughs and one lucky winner.

Saran Wrap Game 

 Supplies for a saran wrap ball

Of course you’ll need a box of Saran Wrap and i also like to use some curling ribbon to make the ball. Then it’s time to fill and wrap the ball. What’s great is you can put whatever you want in the ball. We even did a Disney Reveal Saran Wrap Ball once. For this one I use leftover Halloween candy. Small toys from party bags, and I always make sure to pick up some items after Christmas so the ball can be filled with fun surprises. 

Saran Wrap Game fillersCandy
Small Toys
Chip Clips
Nail Polish
Temporary Tattoos
Cash (we like to have the big prize be $5)

How to make a Saran Wrap Ball

to make the ball you’ll want to start with a prize for the center. We usually do a $5 bill and wrap it around some saran wrap. The we start to build the ball. adding strips of saran wrap and items. Sometimes it will be a big thing wrapped in one layer or a bunch of small things. I love to put change in as we go because you don’t always know it’s there. I also add some ribbon throughout to make the person work for the goods. The ball can be as big or as little as you want. We play with a pretty big group of people so I like to make sure people all walk away with a few things. To make the ball I spend about 30 mins as it takes time to wrap, tie and plan where I’ll put things. 

How to Play the saran Wrap Game

When it comes to playing the game there are a few different ways, but we like to play with a set of dice and Ove Gloves (or you can use Potholders). 

To play you pick a person to start unwrapping the ball wearing the gloves/potholders. The person to their left has 2 dice and must roll the dice till they get doubles. Once they get doubles the person unwrapping must stop take off the gloves and pass them to the left for them to start unwrapping while the next person begins to roll the dice to hit doubles. 

It’s fast and fun, and as you go you’ll either collect a lot of goodies, or find that the ball just keeps getting snatched from you. It’s great for a big group or small group, and we play with kids of all ages. We don’t make the young ones wear the gloves though. 

What I like is it’s a game that brings laughter and fun to the day. 

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