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Blast Off! That’s right it’s time to blast off into outer space in this easy DIY no sew spaceship costume. If you’re looking for a fun and different take on space I’ve got you covered and with this quick costume.

DIY Spaceship CostumeLet me start by giving credit where it’s due. My friend Melissa, who was also the inspiration for the Solar System Costume, gave me this idea. Her space loving family inspired my kids to learn more about space and that’s a big win in my book.

Supplies Needed:

No-Sew Spaceship costume suppliesPop-up Hamper
poster board (2 pieces)
White Duck Tape
Black Duck Tape
Duck Tape Scissors (these are seriously so helpful)
Foam Core
Exacto Knife
Black Hat
Black Sharpie
Small American flag

Step 1: Open the pop-up hamper and flip it upside down. Cut a hole for the head (be careful not to cut this too big, I wish I had done mine a little smaller)
Spaceship from a popup hamperStep 2: Cut arm holes. I measured out where this would work for my son and then cut 2 small squares for his arms
Step 3: Take the poster board and cover the hamper taping it down with white duck tape. Make sure you cut out the arm holes
Step 4: Use white duck tape to tape the top and bottom on the hamper
Step 5: Cut the wings out of the foam core. I made a 12 x 12 square and then made a diagonal line so I could have 2 triangles for the wings
Step 6: Use black tape to add the wings to the sides
Step 7: Add black tape to the front for windows
Step 8: Write USA on the ship
Step 9: I took a small American Flag and glued it on the front of my ship
Step 10: Wear a black knit hat

Step 11: Blast off in your spaceship

DIY No-Sew Spaceship CostumeWhat makes this costume so great is it’s light, easy to wear and take off. My son can get in and out of it easily and didn’t have a hard time walking through doors. These are things you do have to think about!

Sibling Space CostumesI also love that I can use this and the solar system costume as a sibling costume idea.

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