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It’s time for the Halloween ideas to begin and I’m starting off with a simple and iconic one, the Sun-Maid Raisin lady. Using mostly items in your closet and pantry you’ll find just how sweet it is to create a DIY Sun-Maid Raisin Costume.

Sun Maid Raisin Costume

SunMaid Raisin Costume

As kids we always ate raisins for a snack, I still do and I love that my kids eat these as well. It’s fun to sneak a raisin from their bowl and when you look at that bright and sunny box the thing that pops out is the the woman who’s been out picking those raisins with the big red bonnet protecting her from the sun. As I looked around my house I realized just how easy it is to pull this costume together so I thought I would share.

Supplies needed:
Red Bonnet
White scoop neck elbow sleeve shirt
Blue Ribbon (optional)
Red skirt
Small basket
Grapes & Raisins

I just ordered the bonnet off amazon and pulled together the rest of the clothes from my closet. If you want to add some blue ribbon around the sleeves to look exactly like her go for it, but I found that it’s recognizable without it. I picked up a small basket from the Goodwill and added some grapes and boxes and bags of raisins I already had in my pantry and was done.

Sun Maid Raisin Costume DIY

What I love about this costume is you pretty much can have everything already, maybe not the bonnet, but buying the bonnet isn’t a big deal and it’s under $10. This costume works for adults and kids and it just fun. Plus if you have boxes of raisins to give away to trick or treaters it brings even more fun for both the kids and adults.

DIY Sun Maid Raisin CostumeDid you grow up eating Sun-Maid raisins?

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