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There’s something to be said for a tea party. As a little girl you drink imaginary tea from tiny cups with stuffed animals, grandparents and whoever you can get to join in. As you grow tea parties become a thing of the past, but afternoon tea can be a delight and when you do it with best friends the perfect way to enjoy some quality time.

Tea Time at Victoria'sWhen we were on our Beach Girls Weekend, we made a point to plan ahead and make reservations for Victoria’s Tea time. It’s so much fun walking into the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel and saying you have a reservation for tea. You’re seated in a Victorian style dining area and have a beautiful view of the ocean.

Victoria's Tea ServiceWith 7 different teas to pick from there’s something for everyone and when the 3 tier platter of little sandwiches, sugar covered grapes, biscuits, and wonderful treats come out you know it’s going to decadent. There’s something relaxing and indulgent about tea with the girls

Victoria's TeaI’m thankful we were able to take time away and do something for us and since the cost was $20 each it was affordable and a treat. Watching the ocean behind us sitting in what felt like a parlor. I love it all.

Tea Time with Best FriendsI think next time we’ll have to plan to wear hats and gloves!


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