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These Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys make a great place setting or decor on the dessert table and are easy to make with some of your favorite candies. Gobble Gobble, is exactly what we’re thinking this time of year. Turkeys, pie and enjoying a day of family. I also have a fun little treat that you can make to enjoy. 

Candy Turkey Thanksgiving

I love coming up with holiday decor and recipes, I’ve got a Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Table Runner and Pumpkin Pie Cocktail that can be enjoyed before or after dinner.  I can’t take the credit for these Candy Turkeys completely. My mom came up with the design, and I just loved it so much I knew I needed to share it and just how easy it is to make, and eat. 

Candy Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Candy Turkey


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Thanksgiving Candy Turkey materials needed:

How to make a thanksgiving candy turkey:

  1. Take the sticker off the top of the Ferrero Rocher chocolate (this is probably the hardest part)
  2. Remove the candy from the brown paper cup it sits in
  3. Make your turkey head out of gold pipe cleaners (just roll it into a neck like shape)
  4. Add a little red pipe cleaner to the head to give it a neck (aka a Snoods)
  5. Hot glue (carefully you don’t want to melt the chocolate) an upside down peanut butter cup still in the wrapper to the gold Ferreor Rocher candy.
  6. Then hot glue the head and brown paper cup as the tail.

Candy Turkeys

Candy TurkeyIt’s quick and simple to make and it makes a great decoration, name card, table setting, small gift or dessert for all.

Do you enjoy making fun little Thanksgiving treats?

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