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We’re getting ready for Turkey Day and I’ve been crafting away to get the house ready. Last year Eleanor had a project to disguise a turkey for school and that gave me an idea to make my own, so I made a Turkey Leaf Wreath to watch over our front porch this year.

Turkey Leaf Wreath DIY

There are some awesome disguises out there for a turkey, we made a Blue Man Group one, and while it works on my office wall I wanted something that as people enter the house say to say “How cute” or “Is that a turkey?”

Turkey Leaf Wreath supplies

Circle wreath (8 inches)
75 Fake Leaves
Small fake squash
Google eyes
Pipe Cleaners (red, orange and yellow)
How Glue Gun

Step 1: Warm up your hot glue gun and take all the leaves out and separate them (some of them were stuck together).
Step 2:  Glue the eyes on the squash (AKA body)
Step 3: Start gluing your leaves around the wreath (Have fun figuring out your pattern. I went with the background as the leaves I have the most)
Step 4: Add the body to the bottom of the wreath
Step 5: Fill in the center of the wreath gluing the leaves together and to the body of the turkey
Step 6: Make feet. Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Make the shape of an M for the foot. Glue to the body
Step 7: Make the nose. Make a V with an orange pipe cleaner and glue it on.
Step 8: Cut a small piece of red for the gibbler and glue to the nose and body.
Step 9: Cut your ribbon to the length you want and then glue on to the back of the wreath
Step 10: Hang it up!

Turkey Leaf Wreath

It’s a fun project to make and even better if the kids want to help. I love when I get to mimic their homework assignment and make what I want while they make what they want and I think it looks pretty cute in our front entry!

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