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Valentine’s Day is a day of love and appreciation and for kids a way to swap Valentines with classmates. Giving a pencil Valentine is even more fun using a twisty pencil and adding this “Class would Knot be the same without you” Free Printable.

Twisty Pencil Valentine - Free Printable

Twisty Pencil Valentines

For some schools there a strict no candy or food policy when it comes to Valentines so I wanted to make something that kids would enjoy and be useful. My daughter had been asking begging for these pencils you can twist and bend and knot up and that’s when I discovered it would be the perfect class Valentine.

Supplies for Pencil Valentines

Twisty Pencil Valentine Supplies

Twisty pencils
Class would KNOT be the same without you Free Printable
Hole punch

How to make pencil Valentines

Class would Knot be the same without you - Free Printable1. Print out the Class would KNOT be the same without Free Printable. There are 12 on each sheet.

2. Cut out each Valentine

3. Punch a hole on each side. I designed it so there’s room on each side of KNOT to punch the hole.

4. Have your child sign them. It’s important to do this before you put the pencil in.

5. Insert the pencil at each end, but not too far.

6. Turn the other end of the pencil into a knot.

Free Printable Valentine using pencils

Class would Knot be the same without you ValentineWhat’s so great about this is it’s a pencil so the kids can use it in school and in a way it’s a sensory/fidget object because they can bend and manipulate the shape of it.

Gifts for the class

Class gift -Class would Knot be the same without youThis Valentine will be a hit with kids and teachers, but it can also be used at anytime for a class gift. So if you’re looking for a birthday idea or maybe a pencil swap for the class this will still work and kids will LOVE it.

Does your children’s school or class do Valentines?

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