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When visiting Disney World there are certain places you have to stop and snap a photo and it’s becoming more and more popular to grab shots at certain #WallsofDisney. I’ve pulled together where you to go to find the Walls of Disney at Disney World.

Where to find the Walls of Disney WorldI spent a morning running around getting video and photos to help explain exactly where these walls are located. Because figuring out where some of these walls are can be a bit tricky. I tried to make it as easy as possible to find the Walls of Disney.

Magic Kingdom Walls

Candy Stripe Wall #candystripewall

Magic Kingdom -Candy Strip Wall

Magic Kingdom Candy Stripe WallThis is inside the Confectionery store on Main Street. There are a few different places you can grab a photo, but this is the biggest one!

Purple Wall and Purple Galaxy Wall #purplewall #purplegalaxywallDisney World Purple Wall

Purple Galaxy Wall

Where to find the Purple Wall & Purple Galaxy WallThis is near Tomorrowland on the side of Monsters Inc Laugh Factory. This is also one of the most popular walls, and at busy times you can find a Photopass photographer.

Blue Wall & Carousel of Progress Wall

Blue Wall at Magic Kingdom #bluewallAround on the corner from Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger spin you’ll find a solid blue wall.

Carousel of Progress WallCarousel of Progress wall. This colorful and moving wall is so pretty. It’s fun to talk a selfie while you wait for a great big beautiful tomorrow!

Epcot Walls

Bubble gum wall & Blueberry Wall

Epcot - Bubble Gum Wall

Epcot Blueberry Wall

Epcot - Where to find the Bubblegum Wall & Blueberry wallThese walls are around the Ball and Spaceship Earth. It’s the exit for the ride and can be found on both sides. Notice that both walls are there.

Toothpaste Wall

Epcot - Toothpaste Wall

Where to find the Toothpaste Wall EpcotOver by The Seas with Nemo and friends is the Coral Reef Restaurant. This is also where you can find the Toothpaste wall.

Rose gold wall

Epcot -Rose Gold WallRose Gold Wall EpcotRight outside of the Mission Space ride is a wall that is being called the rose gold wall. It’s a light pink wall that has a glittery look to it.

Toy Story Land Walls

With the opening of Toy Story Land came 3 great walls that are perfect photo ops.

Building Blocks Wall

Toy Story Land Block Wall

Toy Story Land Block Wall is the restroom

You’ll find this wall as you search for the restrooms. It’s near Aliens Flying Saucer ride.

Popsicle Wall & Checkerboard Wall

Toy Story Land -Popsicle Wall

Toy Story Land Checkerboard Wall

Toy Story Land Checkerboard WallThis is a hidden surprise as you come out of Toy Story Mania you’ll walk through these 2 walls. We also managed to have a Photo Pass photographer there who had props.

Animal Kingdom Walls

Animal Kingdom Fichwa Fellow Wall

Harambe Fichwa WallThe Fichwa! Fellow wall can be found near the safari ride at Harambe Market. I love that it pulls in Mickey.

Moss Wall

Pandora Moss Wall #MossWallThe moss wall can be found in Pandora on a walk wall as you look through the botanical garden.

There’s also the You are Most Beautiful wall which I totally missed (too much fun with family). That can be found in Harambe Village.

Where-to-find-the-Disney-Walls-in-Disney-California-AdventureI loved going on a search for the Walls of Disney World. My inspiration actually came from Savoring the Goods Walls of Disney California Adventure.

Are you planning a Disney trip in the future? Make sure you check out the Walls of Disney!

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