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The colder days have begun and looking for inside activities that the whole family can enjoy is easy just by heading to the Liberty Science Center for some winter fun.

Winter Fun at the Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center

It’s been a while since we spent the day at the Liberty Science Center. I was excited to check it out as a family. I kind of thought my kids are getting too old for this place. Boy was I wrong they are actually a perfect age and I really enjoyed learning more as well.

Bernoulli Method at Liberty Science CenterWe were able to see a few science experiments, like how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream or learn about Bernoulli’s method through a huge toilet paper blizzard. All very cool and even tasty lessons. These are just 2 of the awesome experiments you can be a part of during the 12 days of science over winter break. Plus lets not forget about the cool exhibitions that come through.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at Liberty Science Center

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes DetectiveI was so excited to see this exhibition. I love Sherlock Holmes, and this year my 3rd grader have a mystery series in her reading so solving crimes and mysteries was super fascinating to her. What I love about this exhibition is how it got your mind working and kept you entertained. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Junior Detective or a big Detective.

Sherlock Holmes StampsThere are so many cool things to think about and figure out, and as you walk around with your detective book getting stamps you’re also thinking like Sherlock and testing our different theories and experiments. I could have spent all day in this part of the building.

Sherlock Holmes Exhibit PuzzlesEven if you go just to do this you won’t regret it, as there are so many unique things to see and do, and I could also imagine going through it again to find even more clues and hints.

Doc McStuffins The Exhibit

Doc McStuffins the ExhibitMysteries may not be something too exciting for younger ones, but they can really have a ball at the Doc McStuffins Exhibit on the 3rd floor. My kids love Doc when they were younger, and I love how they can really interact with play based learning in this exhibit. It covers taking care of our baby dolls and of course our stuffy pets.

Doc McStuffins Pet x-rayThere were little Doc coats for the kids and some great reminders on ways to stay healthy. Watching the little ones play and pretend was one of the best parts of my day, and seeing my son, who could turn out to be a future vet, give some x-rays to some stuffys was pretty sweet.

While these exhibits are amazing the Liberty Science Center has so much to offer. There’s no way to do it all in a day. Which is a great reminder that a family membership really is a great gift or investment for the year.

Visits to the Liberty Science Center will do lots of things, but as the Winter weather approaches it’s a great way to get out of the house, explore new things, learn and have fun.

Have you been to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey?

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