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Valentines are a fun tradition, to give to friends, family and anyone you feel is special or deserves a something fun. I’ve got a Free Printable for You’re pretty Stupendous with a fun color changing pen that any age will enjoy! 

Stupendous Valentine Free Printable

I love coming up with fun ways to celebrate the holiday about love, and a big part of that is telling friends how you feel about them. I’ve also got some other Free Printable Valentines: You Color my Heart, Class would knot be the same without you and I’m excited to add this one to the mix. 

Free Printable Valentines Stupendous

Stu-pen-dous Valentine

My kids love these color changing pens, heck I loved these pens as a kid, so I knew it would be a great Valentine for my daughter to give to her class. 

You're pretty Stupendous Valentine

Free Printable Stupendous Valentine

It’s easy to pull these valentine’s together. I’ve made a Free Printable: Stupendous Valentine. This has 6 cards on each paper. I recommend you print them on a white card stock, as it will hold the pen easier, and just look nicer. The color changing pens are easy to find on Amazon. I also love using washi tape to tape the pens down as it won’t leave a mark on the paper or pen and is colorful and easy to use.  


Stupendous valentine

Non candy Valentine

I’m so excited to have these Valentines as a lot of schools don’t allow food or candy so having options that are fun and useful are important to me.

What kinds of Valentine’s are your favorite to give?  


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