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I’ve been a little absent on blogging, and have a good reason.  We’ve been busy prepping for a yard sale!  We hosted ours over the weekend and I thought I would share 10 tips we have/used for hosting a successful yard sale.

10 Tips for hosting a yard sale

1.  Find out if your town has rules for having a yard sale
This is something I would have never thought about, but our town has a lot of garage/yard sale rules.  You have to pay for a permit ($10).  The sale can only be between 9am-6pm.  You can’t host more than 2 sales in a calendar year.  So do some research and see if your town/area has rules for hosting.

2.  Start collecting the items for you sale 2-4 weeks prior, and designate an area of the house to store it in.  
You don’t want to be scrambling to get the boxes together at the last moment.  By putting everything in the same area you know what to expect that day and don’t have to worry about that box of cookbooks sitting in the corner of the attic that you forgot about.

It was crazy how full the room got, but so glad it was all in one area.

3.  Start pricing things as you’re collecting them.
Everything should have a sticker on it, unless you make a sign (ex. All DVDs $1).  The worst thing is trying to put things out and people keep asking you how much, or being caught off guard and selling something for less than you wanted.  Tip:  You can buy the price tag stickers at the Dollar Tree.

4.  Advertise
Get the word out by taking out an ad, listing the sale on Craigslist, flyers at library, signs around the neighborhood and it doesn’t hurt to add some balloons.  Tip:  We bought our balloons and signs from the Dollar Tree

5.  Send the kids to a friend or family members house
This one is tough, and not always possible, but was key for us.  By not having the kids at the house we were free to do what we needed to do in setting up and talking with people.  I also didn’t have to deal with tears over toys they saw in the pile.  Thanks Lovey and Papa!

6.  Make sure you get tons of singles
Have lots of $1, $5 bills and quarters.  There’s nothing worse than someone buying an item for $1 and not having enough change to break a $20.

7.  Sell Drinks and snacks
We put a cooler out with a sign .50 cents for Water.  On those hot days people love a cold drink, and if the kids are there it’s a perfect thing for them to be in charge of!

8.  Set up strategically
I like to categorize my items.  Toys are together, household, holiday, clothes and I pull the big items to the front.  You want to get the “drive bys” attention, and if they see good/big things they are curious on what else might be in the mix.

9.  Be prepared to negotiate and haggle
I was kind of surprised with how some people were haggling.  I keep this in mind when pricing the items, but if you think it’s worth $5 stay strong, someone else will be wiling to pay it.

10.  Discount everything the last hour
Nothing should come back inside.  Do whatever you need to do to get people to walk away with something.  We said everything was 1/2 off (except items for a quarter).  People thought they were getting a deal and we got rid of more.

Special Tip:  Don’t forget to put on sunscreen!

So there you have it our 10 tips plus 1 for hosting a yard sale.  Do you have any tips you would add?  I would love to hear them. Don’t forget to check out my 10 tips for Shopping Garage Sales for Kids as well.

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