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My nephew is celebrating his 1st birthday this month. It’s a big milestone for both parents and babies, but the big question is what do you get a 1 year old? A 1st Birthday Diaper Cake!

I wanted to give something useful and that people would also say that’s a great idea. So I racked my brain and then it hit me. The gift I would have loved to get personally would be diapers.

1st Birthday Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

People don’t always think about giving them for a 1st birthday, but they are defiantly needed. Especially with little ones learning to walk a good pack of diapers is important. I decided to get the Pampers Cruisers because they really don’t sag on a baby and I trust Pampers for my kids.

The big question is how can I make diapers for a 1 one year old exciting and that’s when I got the idea to make a diaper cake into a 1.

How to make a 1 diaper cake

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Supplies needed:
24 diapers

small rubber bands

dowel rod


1 medium size rubber band

double sided tape

wrapping paper

1st Birthday Diaper Cake steps

Step 1: Roll each diaper individually and then put a small rubber band around each diaper

Step 2: Use the rubber band and slide it over the dowel rod so you have 2 rolled diapers on each side (it should be 14 diapers total, 7 on each side)

Step 3: Cut a piece of cardboard to make the slant of the 1 and wrap with wrapping paper

Step 4: Insert the cardboard between the top diaper and 2nd (not a bad idea to put some double sided tape)

Step 5: Add 3 diapers to the top of the cardboard and then use a medium sized rubber band to secure them in place (also add a little double sided tape to make them stick to the cardboard)

Step 6: Wrap a piece of cardboard for the base (I used an Amazon box lid flap)

Step 7: Use double sided tape to make the 1 stand up in the center of the wrapped cardboard

Step 8: Add 2 diapers on each side securing with double sided tape

1st Birthday Diaper Cake

1st Birthday Diaper Cake gift

There you have it a great gift that fun, useful and can even be a decoration. I even also added a personalized crayon with his name using my Crayola Crayon Carver.

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