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I’ve been debating for a while on what should be Eleanor’s 1st Broadway Show and I finally decided that for her 7th birthday we would go see School of Rock on Broadway.

1st Broadway Show School of Rock

We got tickets for a Friday night and looking back I wish we planned to do a matinee, but I wanted to make a whole evening out it. We got into the city and headed to one of my favorite places to grab a bite in the Time’s Square area. It’s an Irish Pub called Playwrights and I’ve always been able to walk right in and get a table, the food is quick, homemade and oh so tasty. Eleanor kept saying it was fancy since she got to drink out of fancy glasses.

As 7:30 approached I grabbed the check and we headed out to the theater. At this point E didn’t know what we were doing. As we walk to the Winter Garden theater I stop her and told her she’s going to see her 1st Broadway Musical and she asks if it’s School of Rock with so much excitement.

Booster Seats on Broadway

Walking into the theater I was totally emotional. Finding our seats, getting set, and taking a trip to the bathroom was all a part of the experience. Tip: Remember to ask for a booster seat if you have children with you. The theaters do have them. The show runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes, so it’s important that they can see.

The show itself is so much fun. The kids and cast are so talented, and the show sends a great reminder to adults that they are kids and need to play and find what they enjoy. The musical is based off the movie and is very similar in the storyline. I will say it does have some minor swearing that I do feel I have to warn you about, but it’s no different than some things she’s heard on TV.

Eleanor loved it and I loved looking over at her face and seeing her smile and get excited. There’s a glow you get when you see live theater and I think she’s got the bug.

Backstage with Becky at School of Rock

What’s even better is we have a friend in the show who offered to give a backstage tour. She showed us all around backstage, her dressing room, the quick change and told us some of the secrets! I found it really interesting to learn thay have 2 of every guitar just in case a string breaks so they can easily switch it out and keep going, and yes they really are playing live. I also loved getting to see things up close. This is where the small details come in, like Dewey’s bed has Star Wars sheets or what the costumes look like up close and personal.

Becky plays the role of Patty in the show and lets just say that isn’t the nicest character. After the tour Eleanor said to me, “Mom she’s so nice, but she was so mean in the show!” Which made me laugh. A great way for her to understand just how good of an actor Becky really is.

It was an an amazing experience and I feel so grateful to have made Eleanor’s 1st show so cool. If you’re looking for a fun show that will have you rocking and ready to sign up for music lessons check out School of Rock on Broadway.

As we exited the theater and walked through Times Square we stopped for a post show treat at Juniors and made our way to the train, which was at 12:02am. The evening was totally worth it because I know that she will always remember this special night and just how much fun we had experiencing Broadway and NYC together.


Sharing is caring!