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It’s time to bust out the red, white and blue and get ready to celebrate America for the 4th of July. Of course I love to dress the part and so do the kids so I came up with a fun 4th of July shirt using my Cricut and some iron on vinyl to celebrate the holiday.

Holiday Inn inspired 4th of July shirt

First off the quote I used is from one of my favorite movies and shows: Holiday Inn. I would rent this movie so often as a kid and attempt to recreate Fred Astaire’s big 4th of July number with firecrackers going off as he tap dances. If you’re are unfamiliar with this movie check it out. It’s songs by Irving Berlin and where White Christmas and Easter Parade were first heard on the silver screen. Side note, the Broadway show was also amazing, so if it comes to your town buy tickets! The big 4th of July song “Let’s say it with firecrackers and banners held high. Let’s have a real old fashion, noisy 4th of July” pops into my head each year so I thought it would make the perfect quote for a shirt.

4th of July shirt CricutSupplies Needed:
Cricut Machine
Cricut Access Subscription
T-Shirt (I like the Hanes X-Temps)
Heat Transfer Vinyl (Red, White, Blue, Gold, Silver) or Glitter HTV

Cricut 4th of July Design Space

Step 1: I used the new Cricut Design to create my project.
Step 2: I searched for fireworks and firecracker and used ones that are part of my subscription
Step 3: I added the words making them each different fonts and swapping the colors.
Step 4: I wanted to connect some letters so I did that and then welded them together
Step 5: When you’re ready to cut click the Make it button. I love how the mats are now colored so you don’t mix up what you’re cutting
Step 6: It’s key to make sure you select Mirror image when using HTV
Step 7: Cut your items and make sure you place the vinyl face down on the mat and then weed the excess vinyl
Step 8: You’ll have to assemble the design and my biggest tip is make sure you aren’t overlapping any plastic on top of vinyl before you iron
Step 9: Iron on your design
Step 10: Pull back the top lightly to make sure it’s adhered and then remove the rest
Step 11: Wear and enjoy the 4th of July!

4th of July shirt HTV

I’m so happy with how these turned out and love the idea that I can pair the shirt with a skirt, jeans, or shorts. It makes a holiday a little more fun and festive and I love the idea that the quote is a great conversation starter and reason to see watch such a classic movie.

4th of July shirts with CricutDo you have a favorite 4th of July movie or quote?

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