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Wow, talk about a heat wave. When we were at Disney World I couldn’t get over how hot it was and it was only May. I prefer to think I glisten instead of sweat, but both kids and Mike were so affected by the Florida heat that I thought I would share some of the ways we stayed a little cooler.

Ways to stay cool in the heat

Hanes X-Temp Undies/Briefs– This is for both ladies and gents. I first learned of them at #DisneySMMC since Hanes was a sponsor, but let me tell you the second I came home I went out and bought all new undies. They have a technology that wicks away the sweat, but since they’re cotton still allow you to breath. Both Mike and I were surprised with how cool we stayed.

Hanes X-Temp Socks– Guess what they also have socks. Mike bought some prior to our trip and after the first day of wearing these he was surprised with how his feet didn’t sweat. Who doesn’t love new socks?

GoldBond No Mess Powder Spray– Now I don’t know a lot about this, but Mike was very happy that I had gotten him some at the Product of the Year Awards. It came in very handy and he was glad I threw it in the bag.

Dove Dry Spray– I hate the sticky feeling of deodorant and I felt this really did keep me cool and smelling fresh. It’s worth a shot if you’re looking for something different.

Facial Wipes/Cleaners – We put on sunblock constantly and I would start to feel icky as the day went on so taking out these wipes to freshen up my face was nice and easy.

The heat can be brutal and I didn’t make this is tip, but make sure you stay hydrated. As Doc McStuffins say: “You’ve got to drink way more water than you think.” Nothing ruins a vacation or fun summer day than getting dehydrated. With July here it’s about to get hot on the East Coast so I hope these tips come in handy.

What are ways you stay cool in summer heat?

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