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Looking for games that are quick, fun and easy to learn? Then Amigo Games is one to a company to check out.

Amigo Games #AmigoGamesI first played some Amigo Games as Sweet Suite and was quickly addicted. I like that they are easy to understand and have a teaching element hidden in them all. Add in high quality cards and a mix of strategy and luck and I’m a fan. Plus they are easy to travel with and we love to take games to friends, when going out or on vacation.


Amigo Games Clack!CLACK! Game: Looking for a fast game that young and old can play? Clack is a game that where you roll the dice, one with colors and one with shapes, depending on what you roll is what you pick up. If you roll blue and a foot. Everyone races to grab all the blue feet. What makes this easy is the fact that the tiles are magnets so it’s quick. We love sneaking in a quick game and even filmed a video to explain how to play CLACK! Game.

De Ja Vu

Amigo Games- De Ja VuDe Ja Vu puts your memory to the test. There are cut outs of different shapes and cards with each shape represented only twice. As you flip the cards pay close attention when you see a shape for the second time be quick to grab it, but if you pick up one by accident you’ll have to sit out. It’s amazing how your mind will play tricks on you and by the time you’re on the 3rd round you’re not as quick to grab those shapes. I really like how it puts my mind to work, and makes me look at the details of the different shapes. (Was that a compass or a clock?) You’ll totally be feeling like you’ve just experienced de ja vu!

Double Down

Amigo Games- Double DownDouble Down is about avoiding doubles. You’ve got cards with numbers on them. As you discard you add up the total of the cards placed, if you end up with a double number (22,44, 66, etc) then you lose a chip. Once all your chips are gone you’re out. This is a strategy game that involves math, and making sure you remember to pick up your next card. It’s a great game because you can play between 2-8 players so great for a couple or big group.

I’ve got some super exciting news for you. Amigo Game is working with me to give one lucky ready all 3 of these games. Talk about a fun giveaway. So don’t wait and enter now. Giveaway will end on Tuesday, November 27th at 11:59 PM ET.

Good luck and make sure you check out my other game reviews and hot picks for the holidays.

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